​​TREE services

  • tree felling

  • removal of dead wood

  • crown thin

  • crown raise

  • reduction

  • reshaping

  • planting


  • removal
  • reduction 
  • general & regular trimming
  • planting

Featured Service

This was the clean up of a very wind damaged tree. As you can see in the video there are several large branches snapped out and hanging in the tree making it very dangerous to anyone walking near it. Once the tree is made safe it was then shaped to try and hide the damage.

if you are looking at getting some tree or hedge work done, please do not hesitate to call or email for a free no obligation quote.


All work is carried out in accordance with BS3998 (2010) standards as well as all appropriate insurance being in place. The team are qualified and experianced in all 

This is an example of a reduction and crown thin on a Ginko tree. As you can see overall height and size of the tree has been reduced. Selective branches are removed to reduce the density of the crown. 

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Here you can see the ivy has been removed from this tree which allows light to reach more of the tree. Overall a nicer and healthier looking tree.

aspects of tree care. We are also here to provide help and advise on all things tree related.

Being a small company means we can give competitive quotes as there are fewer staff and overheads. Both quotes and work will be carried out by the owner of the company so communication skills within the company is easily maintained.